Beyond the Eclipse

It was foggy where I was. Such a disappointment, to be in the path of totality and miss the coolest show on earth. And who knows if I’ll still be kicking around on earth when the next total solar eclipse rolls by. My next big wish is to see the Northern Lights.

2 thoughts on “Beyond the Eclipse

  1. I got a great view from Albany OR and it was, to accurately use a word that has been almost used up, AWESOME. That one minute was worth the 8 hours I spent driving back to Seattle the next day among all the other eclipse chasers creeping bumper to bumper along I-5. It was a thrill, but it wasn’t, as some agog people said to news reporters, “life changing.” While the realization of what was happening on a celestial scale did make one appreciate how minute we humans are, the circle of the black hole in the sky was tiny. The beauty of our view didn’t compare to some of the pictures photographers captured: awe-inspiring, like Voyager’s last images sent back of Saturn. My sister and I had watched the movie, Melancholia, the evening before, which put us in a somber anticipatory mood.

    1. Thanks, Janice. I love the movie Melancholia. Yes, the event was one to put humanity in its place, but as you say, not life-changing.

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