Poetry Publication Goals — First, some good news

First the good news–my first poetry acceptance of 2018 to a very small local journal called¬†North Coast Squid.¬†The poem was one I have been working on a very long time and felt very attached to. I’m so glad to have it find a home with a local print journal. I’ve only lived in Oregon a little over a year, but I’ve felt the literary community was closed off to me. Now, it feels like one door has opened. Perhaps more will follow.

Squid-5-Cover (1)
I’d like to submit more poems this year than I did in 2017. My depression and angst over the state of our nation got the best of me last year. Not only didn’t I write much, I also didn’t send much out.

I do have a backlog of poems I’d like to get into circulation. Some are speculative, some political, some more autobiographical. I’m planning on having one day each month where I focus on getting poems out.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Hi, Lana — do you know about the 100 Rejections Club in the FB Binders Full of Women Writers? Similar to your goal — encouraging us to try. Congrats on the Squid!

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