Out into the world…

progress report


Met my submission goal for the month of February.


Here’s what I sent out into the world:

1 personal essay

1 short story

5 poems to a contest

7 poems to several venues

1 application for a writing class


I’ve seen other writers set a goal of 100 rejections per year. I’m going to aim for 180.


That means I have to submit at least 15 individual things a month.


If I get rejected every time, I will easily slide into my goal.


But what if someone says yes?


Well then, good problem to have. I’ll just need to keep writing and keep submitting new work.


Either way, rejection goal, here I come!

One thought on “Out into the world…

  1. Great attitude. Do you know W.S. Merwin’s poem Berryman? It contains a suggestion that poets wallpaper their rooms with rejection letters. It helped me deal with rejection letters throughout my twenties. I’m cool with Submittable, but I do miss the wonderful variety of letters that editors used to send via snail mail.

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