The Best Laid Plans…

My sweet husband decided that the publication of my very first novel deserved to be celebrated.

In grand style!

entrance to golf course

So my husband rented a small function room at our local golf course.

And we invited our neighbors and friends here in Tillamook to come share a delicious salmon dinner.


My hubby even had this nearly life-sized blow up of my book cover made up to decorate the room for the celebration.

Andy with sign smaller

It was going to be a wonderful celebration.

And for once, I wasn’t even nervous about having to be the center of attention–like I always am when I have to stand up in front of a room full of people.


When my first poetry collection came out, I seriously considered hiring a stunt double to give the readings for me.

look alikes

(okay, I don’l look like Bowie or Tilda, but you get the idea)

But this time, I was genuinely excited and wanted to celebrate, even if I was going to read a snippet from the book.


I picked out a polka dot dress to wear because it seemed fun for the occasion without being too formal.

And a purple lace bolero to wear over it.

polka dot dresspurple

But you read the title of this post, so you know something went awry.

The party went off without a hitch. People had a lovely time. So what went wrong?

party goers

Well, only the fact that I couldn’t attend my own party!


My body decided to betray me in the wee hours of the morning the day of my party

with excruciating pain.

I ended up in the hospital.

emergency room

I’m doing better now, after a couple of days in the hospital getting test after test after test.

Diagnosed with an intestinal blockage, I’m recovering slowly.

I may need exploratory surgery if things don’t completely resolve on their own. Hope not.

no surgery

But for now, I’m okay.

Except I’m completely, totally, thoroughly bummed

that I missed my own book celebration party.

sad baby

My first thought was I didn’t deserve a celebration, anyway.

My second thought, too.

mothers voice

That’s my mother’s voice in my head talking. It’s nearly impossible to shut her up.

My next thought was The universe hates me.

universe hates me

The universe isn’t out to get me. That’s just silly.

I am just an insignificant speck in the scheme of things.


The Universe doesn’t care a whit about me.

So, here I am feeling pretty sorry for myself.

pity party

How lame is that?

What I should really be feeling is grateful.


Grateful to have people in my life who wanted to celebrate with me.

Grateful to be alive.

At all.

be alive

And I am.

I am grateful to be here, for however much more time I am granted.

run down

Guess, I am just going to have to do something else worth celebrating.

Maybe write another book?

Or another half-dozen books?


I better get started, huh?

Wish me luck!















15 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans…

  1. Oh brother…that’s incredible! Talk about bad timing. Glad you’re on the mend. Write more books. Show that Universe you’re not to be messed with!


    1. Thanks, Thomas. I think writing fast is key to finishing. Don’t look over your own shoulder and criticize the writing before it’s fully baked.

    1. Hi Janet, I think Jon & Sara are living their happy life for now. Maybe somewhere down the line…I’m so glad you found them engaging.

  2. Lana,

    I’m a beleiver in celebrating a book more than once. How about a book party in Seattle and / or Tacoma? In the meantime, Andy did a stellar job representing. ☺️

    1. Deborah, I want to celebrate your new wonderful book, too! Yes, let’s find a way for more celebrations of story & poetry.

  3. It was an amazing evening, Lana, with so much sense of wonderful community. And the worry and concern we all shared was a tribute to your very-much-missed presence! Your great sense of humor is shining through this post. Love your choices (especially Bowie and Tilda, the twins…. I am pulling for you everyday and hoping for a great doc who can solve the mystery! Miss you!

    1. Dana, thank you for being such a vibrant part of my writing journey. I am so happy you could share in the evening. May there be many more celebrations of words and spirit.

  4. Oh man… bummer… but what a wonderful supportive community. Yes being in your glow would have made the evening for all who attended, but they got to celebrate you, your book and some (hopefully most) got to take the book home with them. Gratitude indeed! One in a billion, Lana. Hugs.

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