I have been practicing my art. Badly.

Reading science texts and taking notes. Working from the notes to make poems.

But the poems are not coming. Nothing is happening.

This has been a fallow week for my poetry project.


The consolation is that my soul is growing anyway. Because I am practicing, even if not succeeding.

And I did write and submit three ekphrastic poems, so that counts for something, right?

Here’s to keeping up the practice regardless of results.


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A pre-Valentines Day Poem

with thanks to Deborah Woodard for this link – Nigel the bird




Yet, never, in extremity

(thinking of poor Nigel, the loneliest gannet, for DW)


To lure the lovely
gannet birds to nest
on desolate Mana Island,
some inventive scientists
created a whole colony
of concrete gannets,
happy, bright, inanimate.

Nigel, the only one
of his kind to be swayed
by the statue deception,
stayed his entire life
beside one particular decoy,
constant, loyal, enamored.

He groomed her cold
rigid feathers, feathered
her a fine nest.
Year, after futile year,
Nigel perched near
his lifeless love.

And when new gannets
finally arrived on the island
females, alive,
and ready to mate,
Nigel, paid no attention.
He died all alone
alongside his adored decoy.

Is love an illusion
or what we choose
to make of it,
when the beloved
has nothing to give
and the lover,

What would Nigel advise
the rest of us do when our
passions go unreciprocated?
Truly, I believe he would
quote that Dickinson poem,
you know the one,
with feathers and hope.

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Red Riding Hood’s Real Life — My new book is here!

Excited to officially announce the publication of Red Riding Hood’s Real Life: a novel in verse.

Makes a great holiday gift. 😉


If you’d like an autographed (or personally inscribed copy) please email me through the contact form on this website. $20 includes US Priority shipping.

Or, if you’d like both Red Riding Hood and Four Quarters: an homage to T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets, $35 gets you both books with US Priority shipping.

Or you can order from Amazon, B&N, or IndieBound

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Beyond the Eclipse

It was foggy where I was. Such a disappointment, to be in the path of totality and miss the coolest show on earth. And who knows if I’ll still be kicking around on earth when the next total solar eclipse rolls by. My next big wish is to see the Northern Lights.

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America, January 27, 2017 or We Are the Germans

© Lana Hechtman Ayers


Terror, anger, shame.


I wonder If this is how
the German people felt—
the ones who cobbled shoes,
the ones who rose early
to bake bread,
the ones who rocked
babies in their arms
and sang guten Morgen—


I wonder if this is how
the German people felt
when they saw
what they had done,
chosen a monster
to lead their country.


Instead of yards full of chickens,
and pockets full of deutsche marks,
the German people were treated to
streets swept clean of their unclean
neighbors, and courtyards
full of dust and darkness,
uniformed men with brutal
hands to patrol the land with pride.


I wonder if those Germans
who tended their gardens,
or who kept books
for the mom and pop markets,
or who constructed those fine
Mercedes Benz limousines
piece by elegant piece—


I wonder if this is how
those Germans felt,
the way Americans do now,
only a few days after our
new leader has assumed office
and signed the proclamation
stating Muslims aren’t welcome
on our American soil.


Terror, anger, shame.


I wonder if those Germans
bit their tongues to blood,
or worried their knuckles raw.
Did they feel any sorrow at all,
or did they simply lay
their heads on pillows
and wind the alarm clocks
for another day?

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