Lana Ayers

Lana Ayers

Time Flash: Another Me

Time Flash: Another Me
Time Flash: Another Me

(novel, 2018, Night Rain Books)

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An Enchanting, Romantic Time Travel Adventure

"An entertaining, well-written tale offering intriguing speculations and a heroine of courage and determination."
—Kirkus Reviews

The Granola Diet promises to turn curvy Sara Rodríguez Bloom García into a svelte, new woman in no time. Once it does, her husband’s rekindled passions will be unstoppable—she hopes.

“Holy molé salsa!” When Sara reaches for the box of granola, she travels back in time to a childhood trip to the grocery store with her beloved grandmother.

Seeing her dead grandmother alive and well again is wonderful, but Sara may be losing her mind, or much, much more.

What starts out as another fad diet leads Sara on a time travel journey of perilous twists and turns—fraught with double-agents, lusty redheads, and a deadly serum.

Sara’s possibly-magical cat, a sexy former crush, tasty meals, and vivid music enliven the darker moments.

Fans of The Time Traveller's Wife and Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series will love Time Flash: Another Me