March 2021 Prompt Me

Listen to me read my first “Prompt-Me” poem in the video below.

My poem “My Coffee Cup Runneth Over” was inspired by the prompt “coffee cup” provided by Neal Lemery.

Now it’s your turn!

Please leave me some poetry prompts in the comment section below.

If I use your prompt for my April poem, I’ll thank you with a special gift.

12 thoughts to “March 2021 Prompt Me”

  1. Lana, what a great idea! I don’t have a prompt for you off the top of my head, but I’ll keep you in mind.

  2. Lana, a prompt for you:
    Write about something your ten-year-old self believed.

    Thanks for your wonderful blog! I so enjoyed your memoir piece about Saturday mornings with your Dad. Brought back lots of memories for me of my own Dad who will soon have been missing from this planet for 44 years.

    Write on!

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