Lana Ayers

Lana Ayers

Late Blooms

2007 Late Blooms - A Poetry Postcard Series

Poems by women over 40 who've not yet published a full-length book.

Late Blooms 2008

Set of 7 High-Quality 5"x7" Postcards

Poem and Art on front, back ready for your message

Price: $10 per set, free shipping

Winners of the 2008 Contest

Another year of great entries from talented women who all are deserving of recognition. About 300 poems vied for the 7 top spots. The only disappointing part is that most came from Seattle or the Pacific Northwest (hope more of you across the nation participate next time). The judging was very difficult and in addition to the 7 winners I want to acknowledge close runners-up and honorable mentions.

Women artists over 40 provided custom art pieces to go with the 7 winning poems: Nancy Canyon, Lorraine Healy, Jessie Lyle, Kate Lynch, Holly Thomas, Michel Tsouris.


Kayt Hoch, Seattle, WA
Carol Levin, Seattle, WA
"And We Laughed About Heaven"
Julianna McCarthy, Frazier Park, CA
Arlene Naganawa, Seattle, WA
"I Had a Blue Dream"
Deborah Valianti, Brighton, MA
Roberta Visser, Swanzey, NH
"At the Vietnamese Cultural Center Garden Party"
Connie Walle, University Place, WA
"Spring Long Gone"


Elizabeth Austen
"False Spring"
Nancy Lou Canyon
Melissa J. Carl
Susan F. Glassmeyer
"I Tell You" (an excerpt)
Susan Hannus
"One February Night"
Tina Schumann
Lynne Shapiro
"Your Dead Mother"

Honorable Mention

Deborah Akers
Karen Bonaudi
"Sunshine for Susan"
Matilda Cox
"Do Over"
Amy Dengler
"When Audrey Hepburn Returns"
Susan J. Erickson
Kathleen Fagley
"The Vigil"
Victoria Givotovsky
"On a Walk, Thinking of Tania"
Patricia Hale
"Perpetual Calendar"
Nellie Hill
"Still Life for Granted"
Elizabeth Kerlikowske
Christina Lovin
Amy MacLennan
"Windows in Our Apartment"
Denise Calvetti Michaels
"Photo of the School at San Gabriel Dam, 1920"
Mary Ann Payne
Becky Dennison Sakellariou
Julia Meylor Simpson
"Dear Laura Ingalls Wilder"
Julia Klatt Singer
"Brooklyn Bridge"
Monda Van Hollebeke
"Rush Hour"
Julene T. Weaver