Lana Ayers

Lana Ayers

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"A Few Things I Learned This Week" (Indigo Literary Journal)
"Things You Will Learn About Me After It's Too Late" (GAS: Poetry, Art and Music)
"House Hunting" (The Bluebird Word)
"Psalm" (RockPaperPoem)
"Another Coronavirus Spring" and "Chlorophylled" (Global Poemic)
"Window in Late January" (Dodging the Rain)
"My River Runs" (River Mouth Review)
"What the Sheltering Do" (Journal of Expressive Writing)
"Wonder", "Caught as I Am in Time", "How Not to Apologize", "Love is the Key to a Luscious Apple Pie", and "In the Distance People Are Making Even More Distance" (Snake Nation Review)
"Thunder" (Mindful Poetry Moments, Vol. 2)
"I Knew" (North Coast Squid)
"Pyramids" (Kerning)
"How This Poet Thinks" and "broken umbrella" (Fireweed: Poetry of Oregon)
"Twenty Twenty" (Rattle; with audio)
"Physics is Silent" (Verse-Virtual)
"Light Always Remembers" (Ligeia Magazine)
"Dusk", "Every Hour", and "The Joy of Words" (Buddhist Poetry Review)
"Thirteen Ways of Looking at the White Moth at My Window" (Split Rock Review)
"Grief Rhymes with Yellow" (The Disappointed Housewife)
"Do Not Confuse Corvid with Some Other Kind of Bird" (Constellate Literary Journal)
Lana reading "To all the Website Developers..." (The Poeming Pigeon, Pop Culture Issue)
Release (River Mouth Review)
A Mother’s Day Gift for the Dead Boy (Escape Into Life)
2017 Best of the Net nomination from Escape Into Life
Excerpt from "Manhattan Island" (Verse Daily)
The Dead Boy as Artist (Escape Into Life, Dog Days Feature)
In My Dreams I Draw Circles But None of Their Edges Touch (Artsmith)
Red Riding Hood’s Real First Encounter With the Wolf, What the Wolf Whispered to Red During Their First Encounter, and Red Riding Hood and the Wolf Discuss Rothko (Moonday Poetry)
Someone Said We Always Want What We Can’t Have (wookzickwrites)
The Dead Boy Visits the Hayden Planetarium (The Poet's Cafe)
Alice’s Blind Date With Frankenstein’s Monster (Eye to the Telescope)
Burnt Norton, parts I-V Pages 16-22. (The Centrifugal Eye)
Kenai, parts I-V Read from the bottom-up. (Cascadia Review)
The Toe (The Far Field / Washington State Poet Laureate Kathleen Flenniken's Blog)
What the Wolf Told a Bartender About Red Riding Hood (Redheaded Stepchild)
The Wolf Reflects On His First Meeting With Red Riding Hood and Gretel Advises Red Riding Hood   (Umbrella)
Baba Yaga Gives Red Riding Hood an Earful (Pomeleon)
Whisper, He's Driving (Town Creek Poetry)
Volume (Qarrtsiluni)
Of This Yellow (DMQ Review)
Actual Footage (Umbrella)
While the Bathtub is Filling (In Posse Review)
After Sex (Umbrella)
Do Not Mistake Heaven For What Descends (Poetry Super Highway)
Modern Tale of Love and Things That Break (Arabesques)
Cast (Boxcar Review)
At Five in My Bedroom (Red River Review)
Let Morning Come (Your Daily Poem)

Short Fiction

Barista Bob (Adelaide Magazine)

Short Non-Fiction

I Don't Remember His Name (Brightflash1000)
Busy Breasts (Linden Avenue Literary Journal)


Pushcart Nomination for "Not The End Of Poetry" in Alternative Field's In Isolation: an anthology.


A Max Bennett Hechtman (Lana's nephew) production incorporating the poem "To the Art Teacher" with music and images.


Radio interview with Elizabeth Austen on KUOW and reading of "Gardening Is Design in the Fourth Dimension" (starts at 0:35)

Get To Know A Local Poet (Seattle Lit Readings)

Lois P. Jones' Radio Interview with Lana on KPFK's Poets Cafe

Interview by Michael Dylan Welch

Jack Straw interview and reading (audio only)


Sherry Chandler's review of A New Red
Sima Rabinowitz's review of A New Red
Red Riding Hood's Real Life was featured in an article about contemporary novels in verse on The Mary Sue.

Inspired by Lana

Judy Kronenfeld wrote Ten Minutes (The Foundling Review) after hearing Lana read The Toe