Lana Ayers

Lana Ayers

Night Rain Poetry

Poetry Editing

Lana has over a decade of experience as a poetry journal and chapbook editor. She provides constructive feedback to strengthen the poem, always honoring the poet's individual voice.

With her extensive knowledge of poetry journals and competitions, she can also suggest the best places to submit your work.

Manuscript Organization

Do you have a sheaf of poems but no idea how to make a full-length book or chapbook out of them?

Lana can organize your work into a coherent manuscript.

Do you have one or more poetry manuscripts you feel just aren't woking?

Lana can look them over and reorganize them and turn them into competitive manuscripts.

Publishing Workshops

Lana is available to deliver workshops that include information about all of the opportunities for poets to make their work available in print form. She covers chapbook and book publishers, self publishing and print on demand. In addition Lana provides everything a poet needs to know to produce a polished and competitive manuscript.

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