Flailing in the Abyss

Putting my own words on paper

and reading the words of others

reading makes

are the 2 best ways I know how to cope with the awfulness happening in the world.

And just when I think it can’t get worse…

worse 2

it does get worse.

But all the awfulness all around us — is us!

real monsters

There are times even words, no matter how beautiful, fail to lift me from the abyss.


I know we must continue doing our best in the face of so much awfulness.

do good

We must resist and persist and work to right wrongs.


But sometimes the scope of injustices breaks me .


Many people feel too much. Psychology Today called this “Reactive Empathy.”

But the trouble at the root of all this awfulness is a dearth of empathy?


A dearth of empathy allows us  to judge and harm one another even though we are all the same.

Why isn’t empathy as hard-wired as hunger?


Has evolution failed the human race?

Wouldn’t empathy make us the most adaptive?


Isn’t empathy a better tool for survival of the species than apathy or self-interest?

love heals

I’m not thinking clearly.

Science befuddles me. 

I know the answers are complicated.


Right now, I’m flailing in the abyss the world is.

Maybe words do help. A little.

I’ll grab onto these Vonnegut words right now and try to stop flailing.



15 thoughts to “Flailing in the Abyss”

  1. How’s this?
    The people who say things like Love isn’t enough,
    or who try to convince themselves and you that Love doesn’t matter
    are the people who need Love more than anyone,
    but are also the people poetic souls must avoid spending much time with.
    No matter how cynical or bitter I feel,
    I know there is love in me
    and love around me.
    The empathetic heart weeps
    but knows when the weeping ends
    the joy returns.
    Deep breath, Lana….

  2. I so understand. Sometimes I duck out of life for a time to reconnect with the simplest things. When I feel stronger, I test the air and move about as bravely as I can. Keep heart, bank on love. ❤️

  3. Writing with/in spite of depression is so very difficult.
    And the depression is made worse by the hopelessness of governmental policies around us.
    Thank you for your insights.

    Lots of loving thoughts your way.

  4. It was apathy that got us to this stage. It is my prayer that as we see it’s results, we will wake up to what we need to do to heal, love and take care of our planet. I do see that happening sometimes. I don’t lose hope.

  5. Hi Lana! I’m sorry to hear that you are going through a difficult time. You are so talented and so accomplished. I am thinking of you and hope this dark time passes. Lots of love to you from your old classmate!

    1. Love to Suellen. I can hardly wait for you to travel out to Oregon to see me! I am doing better. In the company of the loveliest writers right now in a fiction and that helps enormously.

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