Feast and Fear in the Time of Coronavirus

Lana Hechtman Ayers

Feast and Fear in the Time of Coronavirus
 My weekly trip to the grocery store
 equally may provide sustenance and death.
 I go knowing that along with 
 the apples and eggs, I may be carting
 home coronavirus to you, my love,
 whose immune system is on lockdown
 for trying to assassinate 
 your body’s entire vascular system. 
 How is it we have come to this,
 humankind so at odds with nature,
 even our very own?
 Scientists say the teeny virus isn’t alive, 
 exactly, just a bit of protein that possesses 
 our same uncanny drive to reproduce, 
 replace, and colonize everything
 not itself with acres of its progeny.
 O, the irony of being done in 
 by a beast with our selfsame gluttony.
 But love, for this moment now,
 let us set aside these fears and feast 
 on eggs and apples, allow me 
 to nourish you with all the love I can, 
 every sacred mouthful. 

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