August 2021 Prompt Me Poem

Listen to me read my latest “Prompt-Me” poem in the video below.

August 2021 Prompt Me Poem by Lana Hechtman Ayers “Prints”

My poem “Prints” was inspired by two prompts: A quote from Robinson Jeffers provided by Dana Cunningham Anderson and a fox vixen postcard poem sent to me by Stephanie Anderson Ladd. To thank you both, some poetry books are in the mail to you.

Now it’s your turn!

Please leave me some poetry prompts in the comment section below.

If I use your prompt for a video Prompt Me poem, I’ll thank you with a special gift.

5 thoughts to “August 2021 Prompt Me Poem”

  1. She glides across unseen waters—my prompt for you, Lana. I loved the detailed description of the creature of the forest, and the wondering of what she thinks of the writer. Beautiful.

  2. I loved hearing your lyrical poem, Lana. Thank you for sending me the delightful collection of poetry by Priscilla Long and Tim Gillespie–unexpected gifts. I’m happy you were inspired by my little vixen poem.

    Waiting on the cusp of autumn…

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