April 2021 Prompt Me

Welcome to my monthly blog feature, Prompt Me, where I read a new poem I’ve written inspired by a prompt offered by one of you, my wonderful blog followers! And to say thank you for tuning in, I send a special gift to the person whose prompt inspired my poem.


Please leave a new prompt for me in the comments. If I use your prompt next month, I’ll send you a special thank you gift.

12 thoughts to “April 2021 Prompt Me”

  1. Hi Lana, I enjoyed your extraordinary, lyrical poem for April!

    Here’s my prompt: whispers in the wind

    with love,

  2. When I reflect on the wishes I’ve made upon stars, the one that stands out…

    That death ended up altering multiple belief systems…

    The pivotal moment for when I knew I’d live came…

    Between hope and despair, I found…

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